X-mas revellers throng Peace Project


It was one of the most memorable moments of the year when a crowd of over 4,000 people danced and enjoyed Christmas like there was no tomorrow. Thamel was packed with eager party animals. The main event of December 25, Peace Project 2008, was successful not only to make the crowd jump and dance but also let the party animals to break out from their mundane ‘dead line’ routine.

The 5th annual Peace Project captured the attention of every passer by as the stalling traffic in the area caused havoc on the surrounding roads. The traffic police were busy ushering vehicles to alternate roads as the road leading to Thamel was closed.

“This is no fun for us. We have to stand here the whole time managing the crowd and vehicles,” said Sub Inspector, Khadga Acharya.

The concert’s first stage was located at Tridevi Marg (Zone I) where commercial music was played. Many interested to dance and show off their moves made a beeline towards Zone I, where DJ NVN, DJ Max, DJ Kiran, DJ Saakar, DJ DMan, DJ Surr, DJ Prince, DJ Raj, DJ Shishir and DJ Flow mixed some of the best Bollywood and hip-hop songs. Playing the latest numbers like Rock On, Deshi Girl and others, the DJs were successful in keeping everyone on their toes. Some girls even made their way to the stage requesting DJs to play Rock On once again. Apart from the mixes, the most interesting performance was the jam-up by DJ BMan and Shyam Nepali. The crowd got to enjoy the techno mix with electric Sarangi.

Zone II at Narshingh Chowk had the best of trance and techno DJs from Nepal and abroad. The trance mix lovers got to enjoy mixes by DJ Nishan, DJ Kranti, DJ Vibe, DJ P*Yell and DJ Aseem. DJ Sherobone from Russia and DJ Supersam from Iran gave a distinctive flavour of their mixes. Dijital Vs Kanika playing didgeridoo was an interesting performance for all. Starting with house music, the DJ played electric and psychedelic music.

The event was sponsored by Royal Stag and managed by PartyNepal.