Yoko sues EMI for $10 million

LONDON: Yoko Ono is suing record company EMI and one of its subsidiaries for $10 million. According to a three-page lawsuit filed at Manhattan’s Supreme Court, she claims she was cheated out of royalties from the sale of recordings by her late husband, John Lennon.

Yoko accuses EMI and Capitol Records Inc of breaking a number of agreements by “wilfully and knowingly underreporting royalties” by hiding the “true use and disposition of Lennon’s recordings”. She also accuses the companies of “intentionally and systematically rendering dishonest and grossly deficient accounting statements”. As a result, Yoko is asking for least $10 million plus interest.

Jeanne Meyer, spokeswoman for EMI/Capitol said contracts are sometimes “su-bject to interpretation but 99 times out of 100 are resolved in an amicable way”.