You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance

A shoe’s story

Three years ago, in a

shoemaker’s shop

I was sitting on a shelf

with a polished top

I had a rope-like noodle

on my nose

With a sole in my body,

giving me an elegant pose.

One fine morning, along came a car

And out came a handsome superstar

And pointing to me, he

eagerly said

“I want that one” and

some money he paid.

This man started ruining my life

Bringing me great pain

and strife

Bit by bit, I started to tear

While he didn’t feel the

pain I had to bear.

Now, I am sitting in this dirty rubbish can

Waiting to be collected by the dirt man

Writing this autobiography of myself

In a dirt can, not on a shelf.

— Mohit Shrestha,

Class VI, Gyanodaya

Bal Batika School

Curve of warmth

A smile’s worth more than a well-wrapped gift

It just makes

everyone sweet

Remember the time when you were so sad

A friend smiled and

all seemed nice.

A smile’s a curve that

no one regrets

It doesn’t cost anyone

a thing

You will always get a smile for a smile

A curve that better not

be straight.

A smile’s always straight from heart

Something that’s good

as a kind word

One doesn’t need to speak to give a smile

It’s a heart that means it and a heart that understands.

A smile’s that’s not meant, isn’t a smile

It’s the devil’s heart that sneers at us

Don’t be cruel to smile

a devil’s sneer

No one’s going to be

nice thereafter.

A smile’s not a refined art that no one can do

It’s something that everyone can do but isn’t crude

Everyone who smiles makes the day better

It’s always the heart that smiles, not a mind.

— Divya Shah, Class IX,

DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati