Zombie girl Megan Fox

Megan Fox has become a flesh-eating zombie.

The 23-year-old actress was so "wrapped up" in new horror film 'Jennifer's Body' - in which she plays a teenage cheerleader who comes back from the dead to kill and eat her classmates - she started "being" hercharacter.

The stunning brunette explained: "The roles were so amazing and so well written that I think we all ended up being those characters full-time and taking them home with us.

"I don't mean I took on some of my character's more extreme behaviour but I definitely felt like she was part of me even when we were not shooting."

Megan recently revealed she fell in love with the film - due to be released next month - the first time she read the script because it was so funny.

She said: "This isn't really a horror film. This is a dark comedy that has some horror elements to it. So that's why.

"I thought it was the funniest script I've ever read. I was laughing on every page. She makes a joke on the first page about Amanda'scharacter, saying she gets more fan mail than Jesus, Santa Claus and Zac Efron. I thought that was brilliant. It was darker and more interesting on every page."