Various natural calamities caused by incessant rainfall across the country in the last three months have claimed the lives of at least 119 people.

Twenty-eight people, who were either swept away by floods or buried in landslide are still missing.

A Nepal Police report shows that of those confirmed dead, 46 are men, 23 are women, 14 are boys below 18 years and 10 are girls below 18 years. Of those whose bodies were not found, 17 are men, six are women, four are boys below 18 years and one girl is below 18 years. Of the 28 missing persons, 20 are from Sindhupalchowk district.

They had gone missing after the flash flood struck the area on June 15. The bodies of only five people in Sindhupalchowk flooding were found on the muddy river basin. Some bodies were found hundreds of kilometres downstream in Sindhuli district.

Similarly, 116 people suffered injuries due to monsoon related havoc in the last three months. A total of 5,924 people of 1,209 families have been displaced.

A total of 3,180 houses were inundated, while over 900 houses, and 153 animal sheds have suffered damage, and 1,087 cattle have died.

Talking about government-owned physical infrastructure, a total of 60 bridges have collapsed, while eight community schools and 14 government buildings have suffered damage due to the monsoon-induced disasters.

Nepal Police said that it was determined to rescue people stranded due to the disaster and to clear the debris. It said that the lives of 1,275 people were saved by Nepal Police.

They were shifted to safer places from disaster-hit areas.

Nepal Police personnel were deployed to remove road obstacles created by the flood and rescue people from the risk zone This year, heavy rainfall had wreaked havoc and taken the lives of 40 people in the first week of the monsoon. As the monsoon normally lasts for 105 days in the country, authorities have been asking people living in lowland and in disaster prone areas to stay alert and take extra precaution.

Monsoon-induced disasters such as flooding, landslide, flash floods, and inundation normally take the lives of hundreds of Nepali people every year.

A version of this article appears in the print on August 29 2021, of The Himalayan Times.