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Good hospitality, delightful ambience


Samit Raj Shilakar

Samit Raj Shilakar is the Managing Director at Newakar Enterprises Pvt Ltd, lecturer at Ace Institute of Management, and branch manager at a commercial bank. He also loves to travel and try out new cuisine

SAMIT RAJ SHILAKARRecently I had a dinner date with my spouse at Le Sherpa Restaurant, Lazimpat. I am more precise when it comes to taste, hygiene factor, and ambience at any restaurant. Le Sherpa happens to be one such best restaurant. It has a big parking space and exotic garden restaurant set-up.

They welcomed us with a warm greeting. Other visitors in the restaurant mostly happened to be foreigners, and everyone was talking softly with goofy giggles. I prefer peaceful environment with soft music to spend my weekend and Le Sherpa delights me with its right ambience.

I had a look on a long list menu of European meals with very few Nepali customised cuisines. I ordered Sherpa Soup as a starter, Rabbit Choila as a snack, along with Thyme Grilled Chicken, and Pesto Fusilli as the main course. I was sure the food quantity would be adequate for two.

Sherpa Soup was special soup offered here — it was more like Nepali curry with some pasta and chicken. I did not enjoy this starter as I was not expecting that heavy amount of curry in the soup. The taste was also so-so. However, my spouse enjoyed this starter.

Then arrived my awaited meal — Rabbit Choila. Every time I visit Le Sherpa, I make sure I order this dish. The presentation of Rabbit Choila was mouth watering and it was soft, and yummy when tasted. I strongly recommend trying this snack at Le Sherpa.

Next, we were served with the main courses. Thyme Grilled Chicken was a grilled chicken breast served with sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes. It was delicious as expected. It resembled a French delight that I tried in Paris back in 2011.

I ordered Pesto Fusilli to try a new taste because I was excited about home-made paste they serve with spiral pasta in this dish. But I was disappointed when I tasted this dish and realised that the paste was mint flavoured. Mint flavoured pasta was one of the craziest meals I have ever tasted. I then ordered dessert — Classic French Crepes. It was sweet and soft enough to compensate the damage done by the main course.

The wash room also disappointed me — it was not as tidy as expected and the lock of the main door was broken. Ambience was superb but they shall not undervalue the importance of tidy wash room.

Le Sherpa serves hygienic food much influenced from European meals, which I consider a treat to my tongue (taste), eye (presentation) and nose (smell), but it goes bizarre at times. But the waiter and guest relation manager were friendly and co-operative.

To sum up, overall satisfaction during my visit to Le Sherpa was dominated by ambience and hospitality rather than food.

Ambience: 9
Food quality/presentation: 7
Quality of Service: 9
Hygiene: 9
Value for money: 8
Overall satisfaction value: 8

A version of this article appears in print on March 31, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.

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