Alice not so in Wonderland

The imagination that I had in my mind after hearing the name of ‘Alice Restaurant’ in Gairidhara, Kathmandu was, “Wow! It must be beautiful like Wonderland.” The moment I stopped by the restaurant’s door, I got good vibes when a staff warmly greeted and welcomed me inside with namaste and a huge smile. When I entered the restaurant, I found it nice but not as beautiful as my Wonderland imagination. The most attractive feature was the fusion look of the ambience. I would like to say — it was traditionally gone to western theme. It looked clean, and very peaceful.

I love food. Menu glance was tiring — they have so many varieties of cuisines mentioned. And, gosh! the pictures of foods on the menu were so tempting. Being Nepali, we all know what comes first to mind: “MOMO”! I ordered three different dishes — Chicken Green Momo, Chicken Gizzard and Fapar ko Roti Set. For drinks I ordered cold coffee and peach ice tea.

After a couple of minutes, the coffee was quickly served. But after drinking it, I felt like I drank an ice tea more than cold coffee. I was waiting for my food. The Chicken Gizzard came — it looked totally different from the picture on the menu, but I was hoping it would taste good. To my disappointment, it smelled very bad and it was not as spicy as ordered. Actually it was tasteless.

But the Momo, Fapar ko Roti Set and Peach ice tea were good enough.

If I have to talk about the service, undoubtedly it was good. People working there treated us nicely. Thumbs up for that. The bill was not that high, but still I was not satisfied, probably the reason was the bad food experience.

I hope Alice Restaurant will take my views in a positive way and try to improve their food. Hope you will not give me or any other costumer a chance to point at your service in the future. Good Luck!

April Shrestha is a Costume Designer of the Nepali Film Industry. She owns her own label ‘April Wear’. Apart from designing clothes, she also has interest in directing films and music videos. She loves doing anything crazy, challenging, and creative in life


Alice Restaurant

Ambience: 8

Food quality/Presentation: 5

Quality of Service: 9

Hygiene: 7

Value for money: 7

Overall satisfaction value: 7.5