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A place every foodie should visit


Neelam Shah

Neelam Shah is an Event Manager at She Devils. She is also a student, an active social worker and singer who tries out new cuisines passionately

Neelam ShahAniyor, a vegetarian restaurant located in Durbar Marg is quite an elegant fine dining restaurant. Although placed on the ground floor alongside one of the city’s busiest street, one can hardly hear the traffic from inside the restaurant. Once you step in the compound, there’s a table outside for anyone who wants to smoke, though having a meal outside wouldn’t be a good idea given the dust and noise.

The moment one enters the restaurant, you’re greeted by a smiling young lady who leads you to a table which is pleasing but unnecessary considering the size of the place. The table set up and silverware — all are very handsome. First impressions were quaintly delightful.

After looking at the menu and talking to the owner, a wonderful woman named Gauri, I decided to order a bit of every style they had to offer.

From their South Indian menu, I opted for a Mandu Vara Sambhar and Paneer Chilly. The best part of the sambhar was the coconut cream dip while the imli chutney/dip was satisfying but a bit too sweet. The Paneer Chilly was good.

It was Vegetable Pulao and Vegetable Kolhapuri from the North Indian menu. The Pulao was wonderful and so was the Kolhapuri. But the combination of the two dishes was truly special — both balancing each other perfectly and taking
the experience to a whole another level.

My Chinese selection was vegetable momos. The speciality of Aniyor, these momos were delicious.

Before the food arrived, I tried their special ayurvedic mixed fruit juice. It was a perfect summer drink — cooling and healthy. The ayurvedic herbs didn’t overpower the wonderful taste of fresh fruit. It was a great recommendation by the owner.

The overall food quality and hygiene was excellent. Presentation of food was average — clean and tidy but nothing spectacular.

The quality of service was better than expected. There was always a smile on the server’s face. Although the food was a bit cool when it reached my table, the flavour was intact. The prices were reasonable to say the least.

It was a strange attempt to fuse Indian cuisine with fine dining as most Indian meals are something to be shared. People reaching over the table to get to the pickle or add a little more gravy — the attempt, though strange, has been executed quite well.

The ambience was satisfying. Soft music playing in the background keeps you in a pleasant mood. It’s a place perfect for families to go out for a good meal or even on a date. The limited number of tables provides both exclusivity
as well as a comfortable atmosphere in the backdrop of classic combination of white washed walls and wooden furniture.

All in all, Aniyor is a place every vegetarian and foodie should try.

Ambience: 7
Food quality/
presentation: 8
Quality of service: 7
Hygiene: 8
Value for money: 9
Overall satisfaction value: 7.8

A version of this article appears in print on March 17, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.

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