The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has formulated a 10- year Strategic Plan (2020/21-2030/31) with a vision of strong federalism, and capable, efficient and people-responsive public administration.

The goal of the plan is to achieve excellence in public service delivery through strengthening local levels, effective level-wise interrelations and development of ethical and motivated bureaucracy.

Similarly, it has set four objectives. They include effective coordination among all three tiers of the government for implementation of their exclusive and concurrent powers articulated in the constitution, development and utilisation of professional and ethical human resources in public administration, facilitation for the development of sustainable and balanced local infrastructure, and formulation and implementation of policies, laws and standards required for easy, accessible and quality public service delivery.

The priority areas of the plan are capable local levels, intergovernmental coordination, motivated and competitive bureaucracy, human resource capacity development in public service, use and exchange of best practices, sustainable local infrastructure development, increase in international cooperation, citizen-friendly service delivery, use of innovative technologies, good governance, social inclusion, and research and development.

As per the plan released by the MoFAGA yesterday, the government will formulate or amend the policies, laws and standards related to formation and operation of federal civil service and other government services.

"In a bid to achieve the goal and objectives of the plan, the government will maintain administrative partnership and interconnection among services of the federal, provincial and local levels," it reads.

The policy requires the government to receive feedback from experts with regard to implementation of federalism. The government will also make provision of necessary policy and institutional frameworks for capacity development of employees and elected representatives of the federal, provincial and local levels.

The policy envisions the provision of performance-based grants to the local levels, while prioritising sustainable and balanced economic and social development of the local units.

According to the plan, the government will focus on attracting youth to the public service by incorporating the subject of civil service in university curricula. "Work responsibilities assigned to the employees will be based on their capacity, efficiency and professionalism. Transfer and promotion of civil servants will be made transparent, impartial and predictable to boost their morale," reads the plan.

It has also laid emphasis on co-financing and public-private partnership in the development of local infrastructure, while preparing a framework for integrated mobilisation of international development aid.

The policy also includes activities related to disaster risk reduction and management, and climate change adaptation.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 18, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.