100 Tibetan protesters detained

Kathmandu, May 6:

As many as 100 pro-Tibet protesters were detained as they prepared to demonstrate outside the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, police said today.

Police intercepted the group, who were travelling in three buses, and detained them a short distance from the embassy.

“Around 100 Tibetans have been held. We picked them up while they were on their way to the Chinese embassy to demonstrate,” senior police officer Hom Jung Chauhan said.

Other protesters travelling on foot saw the buses being stopped and lay down in the middle of the road, shouting “Stop the killing in Tibet” and other anti-Chinese slogans.

All of the protesters

were bundled into police vans, witnesses said. Police said they would be released later today.

Tibetan activist Nima Dolkar, who has now been detained more than 20 times for protesting, vowed to keep taking part in the anti-Chinese rallies.

“We were stopped by police while on the bus before we got to the embassy,” she said over phone. “I’ll continue to come to protest for Tibetans. China must end its rule in Tibet and

let Tibetans live peacefully,” Dolkar said.