12 persons killed self every day on an average last fiscal

Kathmandu, September 10

There has been an increase in suicide rates in Nepal over the years, according to a data maintained by Nepal Police.

As many as 4,667 suicide cases were recorded in the fiscal 2015/16 compared to 4,350 in 2014/15. This is more than double the murders and road traffic fatalities in the period. At least 597 persons were murdered while 2,006 died in road accidents last fiscal.

The statistics show that more than 12 persons committed suicide daily in 2015/16. Of 4,667, most people killed themselves by hanging (3,366), followed by poisoning (1,183), jumping off a building/cliff (65), self-immolation (30), use of weapons (13), electrocution (4) and drowning (6). The Kathmandu Valley reported 400 suicide cases during the period.

On the occasion of the World Suicide Prevention Day, Metropolitan Police Range, Lalitpur today organised a special programme to discuss the impact of frustrating trend of suicide and ways to deal with what it termed as a ‘medical emergency’.

SSP Pitambar Adhikari, MPR in-charge, presented a three-year statistics of suicide in Lalitpur and conceded that it had witnessed slight increase over the years.

“In Lalitpur, 71 persons committed suicide in the fiscal 2013/14 compared to 69 in 2014/15 and 77 in 2015/16. Despite a slim fluctuation in the suicide cases during the period of three fiscals, we can come to a conclusion that it is on the rise and should put more efforts in tackling the problem,” he said. Women are more vulnerable to suicide and people from all walks of life have fallen victim to the problem.

Speakers at the programme said suicide was traumatic to the victims’ families, friends as well as their community. The families of suicide victims are usually uncomfortable sharing their painful experiences due to social stigma. It is very important to reach out to those who have lost someone to suicide. Mental health specialists and primary care providers should provide clinical care for the bereaved ones.

Youths, adolescents, unmarried, divorced and single people, drug addicts, unemployed, persons suffering from terminal disease, professional groups, members of broken family, housewives, victims of sexual abuse and drug abusers are high risk groups prone to suicide.

According to World Health Organisation’s recently released report ‘Prevent Suicide’, over  800,000 people commit suicide every year in the world. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people in the 15-29 years age group while 77 per cent of global suicide deaths occur in low-middle income countries.

The main reasons for the suicides are terminal diseases, betrayal in love, financial problems, mental disorders, domestic disputes and pressure from or scolding by parents, among others, said police.

Helpline established

KATHMANDU: The Metropolitan Police Range, Lalitpur and Patan Academy of Health Sciences have launched a 24x7 helpline in a bid to curb suicides through ‘contact, communication and caring’. Any person whose family member, friend or acquaintance has suicidal thought may contact Lalitpur police (9851215688) or PAHS (9813476123) for necessary help and consultations.