15th five-year plan to help reduce absolute poverty

Kathmandu, April 28

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the 15th five-year plan will significantly reduce absolute poverty and the government will soon be able to fulfil the basic needs of the people.

While chairing the full meeting of the National Planning Commission (NPC) today, Oli said the government would take the responsibility of fulfilling the survival needs of poor, helpless and incapacitated ones. He stressed that Nepal is gradually opening the doors for investment to come in every sector and the country will soon be on the path to prosperity.

“For instance, Nepal has the potential to become self-sufficient in cement production and can also export the commodity to India and Bangladesh by utilising the limestone available in the country,” Oli said, adding that Nepal will gradually transform into a prosperous nation by focusing on the development of the productive sector.

As per him, ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ remains the national aspiration of the government. He also promised double-digit economic growth in the country in the next fiscal year.

Meanwhile, PM Oli clarified that the economic growth rate in the current fiscal has failed to hit a significant height due to the weak economic growth rate in the previous fiscal.

He further claimed the government has significantly improved investment climate in areas of education, health and agriculture. PM Oli added that the government did face some economic hurdles as the country has just adopted the federal system of governance. “By the next fiscal we will have resolved all those problems and we can expect double-digit economic growth.”

The meeting also decided to present the foundation paper of the 15th periodic plan in the next Cabinet meeting.