161 hooligans under police surveillance

Kathmandu, March 9

Police today said they had created a list of as many as 161 hooligans with substantial criminal record.

The list was jointly prepared by Metropolitan Police Crime Division and Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu. SSP Chhabilal Joshi, MPR in-charge, said the listed hooligans were under round-the-clock surveillance as they were likely to perpetrate crimes in Kathmandu Valley.

SSP Dinesh Amatya, MPCD in-charge, said the law enforcement officials had adopted zero-tolerance policy against hooliganism.

Earlier, the hooligans had faced legal action for unleashing terror through their direct and indirect involvement in gang fights and extortions.

Officials said security personnel had intensified vigilance against hooligans, both old and emerging ones, to maintain law and order. “As part of the drive against hooliganism, we have already nabbed 30 persons and initiated action against them in the past one month,” informed SP Amatya. Earlier, two notorious gangsters — Dinesh Adhikari alias Chari and Kumar Ghainte — were killed in encounters with police.

Despite the death of two gangsters, police have come to the conclusion that many others are emerging to take their place and expand their stronghold in Kathmandu. “Bearing in mind potential threat to security, we have intensified combing operations to prevent them from being organised,” said SSP Amatya.

Other notorious gangsters like Ramesh Bahun and Abhishek Giri have been cooling their heels in jail after being convicted of drug smuggling, extortion and kidnapping.