1660 persons penalised for violating traffic rules in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu Metropolitan Traffic Division booked 1660 persons for violating traffic rules in the valley on Thursday.

According to the Division, 128 persons were penalised for driving under the influence of alcohol, 209 persons for violating lane rules and 122 persons were fined for illegal parking in the valley.

Police also fined 35 persons for stopping their vehicles on zebra crossings.

Likewise, as many as 68 people were charged for honking. Similarly, 31 taxi drivers were fined for over charging their customers.

MTPD further said 1209 persons were booked for other offences. Police have intensified traffic vigilance to ease traffic congestions and minimise road accidents in Kathmandu.

Meanwhile, police said 8985 vehicles have entered the valley and 8722 vehicles have left Kathmandu through various points.