20 heritage monuments reconstructed

Kathmandu, April 5

The government has completed reconstruction of 20 heritage monuments, which were damaged during the 2015 earthquakes, in Kathmandu Valley.

A total of 700 cultural monuments were damaged in the earthquakes. Of them, 133 were completely destroyed. “Reconstruction work was delayed due to lack of skilled human resources, construction material and budget,” said Director at Department of Archaeology Bhes Narayan Dahal.

According to the department, reconstruction of Lohadega; Shiva Mandir, Laxmi Mandir and Natyaswor temple in Hanumandhoka Durbar Square; Swet Bhairav, roof of Taleju Bhawani, Nagara Ghar, Chyasing Mandap and Jamacho Pati in Nagarjun; Boudhanath Stupa; Kashi Bishseswor temple, among others, have been completed.

Likewise, Rameshwor temple, Badri Narayan temple and three other Nayaran temples in Bhaktapur Durbar Square have also been completed, informed Dahal.

Around Rs 1,302,783,000 has already been spent on reconstruction of damaged monuments, informed Shiva Kumar Mahat, administrative officer at the department. He said at the current pace only 10 per cent of heritage monuments damaged in the earthquakes would be reconstructed in the next five years.