21 historical city gates to get facelift

LALITPUR: Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City (LSMC) is all set to renovate 21 historical city gates of the municipality.

“We are preparing to renovate and preserve the cultural and archeological heritage of the municipality,” said architect Saubhagya Pradhananga, chief, Culture and Archaeology Unit of the LSMC. “We are carrying out a study to renovate historically important 21 city gates,” she added.

Pradhananga said Patandhoka, Alkodhoka and Saithudhoka gates had already been renovated by the locals. “We are excited to work with them,” she said, suggesting that the number of city gates awaiting facelift could increase after the study. Renovation of Chhya Baha Dhoka, Chyasa Dhoka, Bholdhoka and Sasudhoka has begun.

The LSMC’s2 plan to preserve lakes, historical inscriptions, stone spouts, sculptures and idols has hit a snag since the all-party mechanism is yet to approve the budget.