30 more Sajha Yatayat buses on Kathmandu roads after Dashain

Ashok Leyland buses begin to arrive at Sajha Yatayat Pulchok... pic.twitter.com/ropitDoOp4

— Kanak Mani Dixit (@KanakManiDixit) September 19, 2016

KATHMANDU: The Sajha Yatayat has finally welcomed additional 30 buses, ready to ply on Kathmadnu roads.

The buses have been kept at the office in Phulchok and would run only after the upcoming Dashain festival.

As per the agreement signed by the organisation with India's Ashok Leyland Limited on March 24, the Yatayat would operate the buses in cooperation with the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

The new vehicles have 40 seats in each and are disabled-friendly. Earlier, the company was operating 16 buses with 54 seats in each.

The buses will also allow the passengers to charge their mobile phones during their travel.

It has been learned that the vehicles are waiting to complete insurance procedures and route permits to travel along new routes.