367 rescued from streets of Kathmandu

Kathmandu, December 28

More than 365 street people were rescued as part of Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s drive to make it a ‘beggar-free’ zone.

Among the rescued  308 are men, 52 women, and seven children. Among them 215 rescued persons were reconciled with their families while 152 have been kept at the screening centre and a shelter home operated by a philanthropic organisation called Manab Sewa Aashram, which provides shelter to homeless elderly persons. All the seven rescued children were found living with their parents on the street. They have also been reconciled with their family members, according to the Aashram.

KMC, on its 25th anniversary on December 15, had announced a three-month campaign to make Kathmandu metropolis beggar-free. Homeless people, orphans, handicapped and destitute elderly persons are found begging

around temple areas and public places. KMC, under the chairmanship of Mayor Shakya, has formed a committee to work towards achieving the goal of making KMC beggar-free.

Province 3 In-charge of the Aashram Suman Bartaula said the campaign did not only aim to rescue destitute people from streets and put them in shelters, but its major job was also to reconcile street people with their family members. “Majority of the rescued elderly people have family members. But they refuse to stay with them. Our job is to find why they had to live on the street despite having family.”