48 rapes recorded in three months

Kathmandu, December 31

At least 48 girls and women were raped across the country during a period of three months, says a report.

According to media monitoring of 14 national dailies conducted by Sancharika Samuha Nepal from October 17 to December 15, cases of violence against women were classified into eight categories rape, murder, health right violation, domestic violence, sexual harassment/torture, beating, dowry-related violence and witchcraft accusation.

Among the rape victims, eight were aged one to nine years; 24 aged 11 to 19 years; seven aged 23 to 32 years, three aged 42 to 55 years; and the ages of six victims were not mentioned. There were 12 cases of gang rapes. Among the victims, three were differently-abled.

In rape cases, two perpetrators were family members, 12 neighbours, two relatives, one cop and one shaman while 30 were others. The perpetrators in rape cases were aged 13 to 65 years. In terms of development region, Central Development Region had the highest 24 cases of rape and in terms of district, Kathmandu reported the highest nine cases.

As many as 38 women and girls were murdered during the period. Five of the murder victims were aged one to 16 years; 19 aged 22 to 38 years; seven aged 45 to 71 years and the age of seven victims have not been mentioned.

In murder cases, 24 were murdered by their family members 12 were husbands, four others two murdered by alleged lovers, two by their neighbours and relations to five perpetrators were not mentioned.

In geographical division of murder cases, Central Development Region recorded the highest 13 cases and in terms of district, Kathmandu recorded the highest five cases.

According to a monitoring report, there were 14 incidents of health right violation in which women lost their life due to delivery related complication seven at health centre and seven at home due to health worker’s negligence, family member’s negligence and unavailability of health service in remote area.

Most of the victims were aged 16 to 26 years.

Likewise, 18 cases of sexual harassment were covered by these dailies where 14 of the victims were aged nine to 19 years.

Five incidents of domestic violence were also covered by these dailies. On witchcraft accusation, seven incidents were covered where victims were tortured physically and mentally. On beating-related violence, there were six incidents.

Monitoring has shown that women are not safe anywhere.