7,327 households declared ‘environment-friendly’

Kathmandu, May 16

The government has declared 7,327 households, 42 settlements and five wards ‘environmental-friendly’ as part of its campaign to promote cleanliness and greenery in the country.

According to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, as many as 707 households and 17 settlements of Debchuli Municipality; 4,500 households, 23 settlements and one ward of Pokhara Metropolitan City; 183 households and two settlements of Dapcha Kashikhanda Municipality; 1,811 households and one ward of Narayani Municipality; and 171 households and three wards of District Coordination Committee, Lamjung were declared ‘environment-friendly’.

Households, settlements and wards that meet the prescribed environmental standards are declared ‘environment-friendly’. This programme is based on Environment Friendly Local Governance Framework 2013 that was passed by the Cabinet on October 9, 2013.

The MoFALD said the move would reshape the environment of the local levels. More than 100 indicators as per the Framework 2013 have been set as standards for a ward to be declared as environment-friendly. At least 90 per cent of households in a ward must be declared environment-friendly for a ward to receive that epithet. Households must have a water seal toilet, flower plants or similar decorative plants, at least two perennial trees, supply of pure drinking water, among other things, to be declared environment-friendly.

Wards must protect drinking water sources, manage waste properly, construct artificial ponds and emergency safety area, encourage organic farming, form local disaster management committee and have at least one nursery, roads and drainage system, said the MoFALD.