77-year-old woman eyes Everest

Kathmandu, April 2:

A team of 10 women representing different castes and different parts of the country, including a 77-year-old woman, is all set to scale Mt Everest immediately after the Constituent Assembly polls.

Pemba Dorje Sherpa, a mountaineer who set the record by scaling Mt Everest in the shortest time ever (8 hours and 10 minutes), is leading the two teams that comprise 35 members each. They would start their mission on April 14.

“We are going to scale Mt Everest for lasting peace in the country as well as for the success of CA,” he said at a press conference organised by Himalayan White House International College. He also said that he was interested to take women from across the nation to set a record. “Many foreign women set the record by scaling Mt Everest,” he said, adding: “We wanted to show that Nepali women are also equally competent like women from other countries and we can also set world records like them.”

He said that he has been training those women from past six months. They are scheduled to return in first week of June. He would be leading the women’s group first and the elderly citizen’s group later. “Min Bahadur Sherchan is very eager to set the world record of being

the oldest man to climb the Everest,” he said. According to Pemba, Sherchan had scaled around 6,000-m high mountains.