Kathmandu, June 16 Police have arrested 82 youths below 25 years of age for their alleged involvement in pickpocketing in public transport. Police arrested them during an operation conducted for the period between mid-May to mid-June,in Kathmandu. The alleged pickpockets, including four women, used to work in groups of two to six persons. They would normally pickpocket passengers in peak hours when public transports are overcrowded. Metropolitan Police Range, Teku at a press meet informed that the pickpockets, after identifying a target would surround him or her preventing free movement of the person. They communicated in a code language incomprehensible to other passengers while pickpocketing. DSP Hobindra Bogati of the police range said, “Those involved in pickpocketing carried bagpacks and were smartly dressed, assuming a dignified personality.” He also informed that the perpetrators had the main target to steal cash, but whenever they got an opportunity they would also steal passengers’ mobile phones.