85 per cent houses without building completion certificate

Kathmandu, September 17

More than 85 per cent of houses in Kathmandu don’t have a building completion certificate, despite the mandatory certification regulation enforced by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City a year ago.

The KMC office issues a building completion certificate if contacted with a blueprint of the building that meets the building code guidelines.

According to the KMC, 25 applications are submitted daily for a building completion certificate, but only four or five houses meet the building code and are issued the certificate.

Chief at the Division of Building Permits and the Division of Land Use Ram Thapa said that despite the enforced regulation, only 15 per cent of the houses in the city have received the certificate.

Spokesperson at KMC Gyanendra Karki said that houses that don’t meet the building code must rectify the mistakes, or risk being demolished. Karki said, “All houses must be build according to the current building code prescribed by the KMC, or KMC will have no option but to demolish the houses.”

The government has also taken steps to ensure that buildings meet the required building code. Urban Development Minister Arjun Narsingha KC had earlier said that the ministry would strictly implement the building code and take action against violators. Minister KC said, “The ministry will first determine why the building code was not implemented in the first place, and resolve any issues found within three days before implementing the code.”

Minister KC also said that he would ensure management of electrical power, drinking water systems, and other amenities.