92 fake blue books impounded

KATHMANDU: Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) has impounded 92 fake blue books from the motorists in the Kathmandu Valley in the last one week.

Traffic police also impounded 77 motorcycles and 15 four-wheelers along with the sham blue books. "We are doing our best to control crimes on the road, but more needs to be done to remove the root of the practice," DIG Binod Singh said.

MTPD argues that the ongoing crimes are a direct threat to the whole nation. "If these racquets will not be stopped immediately, it will set a bad precedent and hit the country's income," he added. The fact that the offenders are briefly fined or detained, has not been effective to enforce a stricter rule, says DIG Singh, adding, "We have requested the special wing of the Nepal Police force to immediately investigate those incidences of crimes". Police maintained that the every day a large no of vehicles enter the Valley often without custom clearance. Some of them are stolen vehicles.