A reunion to cherish after 51 years

Kathmandu, September 14 :

Bhavani Thapa, who had lost hope of reuniting with her relatives in Kathmandu, managed to meet them this morning following the publication of a report titled “Septuagenarian back in Thamel after 51 years” in The Himalayan Times. On the last day of her six-day trip to Nepal, she met her relatives at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza, where she was staying.

Bhavani said, “Relatives from all over Kathmandu gave phone calls after coming across the news and identified the names of their grandparents and parents.”

Stating that all her nephews and nieces, whom she did not even know, had turned up to see her, she said, “I feel so happy.”

Mohan, a nephew whom she grew up with, was among those who turned up to see her. Upon seeing her aunt after decades, Prof Dr Mohan Himanshu Thapa, now 70, broke into tears.

Lamenting for not being able to be in touch with her for so long, Prof Thapa said he was exhilarated to see her.

“Once the letters stopped coming, I, accompanied by my father, went to look for her in Calcutta, Kerala, Patna and Maharastra,” said Prof Dr Thapa, adding, “As we could not find her in the huge country, we assumed she existed no more.

The Thapas and Karkis living in New Baneshwor, Naxal and Gokarna came at the hotel to see Bhavani. After taking photographs and addresses, Bhavani left for Bangalore.

Terming the response from relatives amazing, Mala D’Cunha, 38, the younger daughter of Bhavani, said, “Our wildest dream has come true. We started planning for the trip three months ago. It’s amazing how time heals.”

Bhavani says she will be back in December and visit all her relatives then.