Activists cry for Hindu nation

KATHMANDU: The Hindu Rastra Bachau Samiti (HRBS) (Save the Hindu nation committee) has warned of staging series of protests to pressurise the Constituent Assembly to include Sanatan Hindu Rastra in the new constitution.

HRBS has announced to organise a mass gathering at Tundhikhel on May 10 and a protest rally on May 18 in Kathmandu. Organising a press meet here today, Bharat Mani Jungam, vice president of the HRBS, said, “We will carry on with protest programmes until the new constitution is drafted incorporating Sanatan Hindu Rastra.”

He said they were collaborating with other Hindu organisations to intensify the protest. Citing that 80 percent of the population was Hindus as per the Census 2001, Jungam said, “It was ridiculous of the nominated House to declare the state secular in May, 2006.”

The religious committee has also announced staging sit-in protests and hunger strike, besides submitting signatures to the CA.

Satyabar Swami said secularism neglects the religion and love for mankind. “Crime, violence and destruction are on the rise thanks to the negligence of the religion,” he added. “It was the ploy of Christians to declare the state a secular one where social corruption and immorality threaten the civilisation.”