Addicts switching to psychoactive drugs

Kathmandu, February 25

Most of the drug addicts in the Kathmandu Valley are found to have switched to controlled pharmaceutical drugs in recent times.

An official at the Narcotic Control Bureau said police detain an average of 25 drug abusers aged 16-26 years from the Valley every week. After the arrest, they are handed over to their families.

Around 80 per cent of drug abusers, after their arrest, have conceded to shifting from hardcore drugs to pharmaceutical substance. An ampule of the prescription drugs is sold at around Rs 500 against Rs 1,000 for one gram of heroin in the illegal market.

According to NCB, smuggling and use of injectable drugs tops the chart. Prescription drugs are smuggled into the valley and other cities via the porous border with India.

The law enforcement agency arrested a mother and son with 285 ampules of controlled pharmaceutical drugs today itself.

Laxmi Khadka (42) and her 26-year-old son Ashish of Dolakha, currently residing in Naikap, were held from their rented room. Police said they were involved in selling drugs.