• NRN Day : Nepal’s prosperity is all we want, say NRNs

Kathmandu, October 10:

Non-resident Nepalis (NRNs) are scheduled to observe the NRN Day here tomorrow with the mantra of stable and prosperous Nepal. They are expected to draw about five dozen enterprising people of Nepali origin from around the world, including the US, Australia, Europe and Russia. The one-day affair, which will among others witness NRNs lamenting the indifference shown by the successive governments on the issue of meeting their demand for dual citizenship, is being considered as one more bid to draw the attention of the government.

Ram Pratap Thapa, vice-president of the International Coordination Committee (ICC), an NRN Association,told this daily today that NRNs were “non-partisan” in approach and thus “would like to work as partners with the government of Nepal rather than the political parties.” Thapa said that the NRNs have no political inclination and that they would welcome a system which is elected by the people.

“The decision of the people should be final. Our only concern, however, is to see a prosperous Nepal,” averred Jiba Lamichhane, executive member of ICC. What is important under the circumstances is the prosperity of the country rather than the individuals, he said. He complained that the government has not yet issued identity cards ‘that could serve the purpose by making conducive atmosphere for business venture’.

Bhim Udas, coordinator of ICC, said the population of NRNs is about 1.5 million spreading over 50 countries. He claimed the NRNs have already invested about Rs 3 billion here in the last three years.