‘Media must be friendly to fairer sex’

KATHMANDU: National Women’s Commission (NWC) today said it was organising a campaign — media, women and gender sensitisation - to develop gender-friendly media perspective towards women.

Ritu Raj Bhandari, acting secretary, NWC, said that the media in the recent times were portraying women as a commodities, especially in advertisements. “The lack of gender sensitivity in the media is an evidence of the prevalent gender-based stereotype,” said Bhandari.

“We’ve completed the draft of the concept paper about the campaign and will begin it once our field study is over,” he said. The campaign is based on Beijing Platform for Action.

Talking to this daily, he said that the campaign was also aimed at promoting women in the media. He said that the campaign would help increase women’s access in decision making level, including the ownership and editorial levels. The campaign has also targeted to bring women to mainstream journalism.

Bhandari added that they had plans to leave positive impact on children through their campaign.