‘Profane activities’ in sacred Boudhanath

Kathmandu, September 5:

The Stupa of Boudhanath, a world heritage site and a famous tourist destination in the capital city, has turned into a desired destination for lovers.

From very early in the morning, school and college children clad in uniforms of their institutions are found engaged in “indecent” acts, says Sampurna Lama, secretary of the Boudha Ghyan Guthi (BGG).

Some hippie-type foreigners and others are also found engaged in “physical” activities, says Lama. While some are seen openly engaged in such acts, others are found doing the acts behind the bushes in the vicinity. With a view to stopping such acts, the BGG locks the entrance to the stupa at 7 pm during the summer and at 6 pm during the winter. It opens the entrance at 3 am. Besides, security guards are assigned on the stupa premises and signboards placed to stop such acts.

“Such acts undermine the sanctity of the place and give a negative impression to the tourists. Sadly, many people have taken this place as a spot for recreation,” says Kiran Lama, vice-secretary of the BGG. “We have even trimmed the bushes surrounding the area to prevent people from hiding and indulging in physical activities,” he says.

“No laws will work until and unless people don’t change their attitude,” Lama concludes. According to him, instead of listening to the guards, some people even attacked the guards. “These acts are a disgrace for the religious monument, which stands as a symbol of peace, morality and chastity,” Lama adds.