‘SC ruling on RCCC upholds rule of law’

Kathmandu, February 22:

Assistant minister for women, children and social welfare Golchhe Sarki today said that the Supreme Court verdict on RCCC justifies the rule of law in the country.

“This is a clear indication that there is a rule of law in the country,” Sarki said during an interaction at the Nepal Intellectual Forum while refuting claims that the decision had proved wrong the King’s steps.

The minister also urged the seven-party alliance to ulitise the King’s appeal for dialogue as an opportunity. “Since the King is committed towards bringing back the derailed democratic process on track, it would be unwise to drag the Royal Palace into a controversy,” he said. Assistant minister for general administration Toran Bahadur Gurung accused the parties of “giving birth” to the Maoists. “It is these parties who did not heed to the rebels’ demands, thus fuelling the Maoists insurgency while being in power,” he said. Political analyst Badri Narsingh KC accused the seven-party alliance of trying to grab power through “easy means” by pressing for revival of the House of Representatives. Since they fear going to the people, they have chosen the confortable way to get to power, he said.