‘Simplified’ UK visa policy worries aspiring students

KATHMANDU: The UK government, which had launched a ‘tier-four package’ in April to simplify student visa, has suddenly made visa process complicated for Nepali students vying for a UK degree and a world-class career.

After Australia, the United Kingdom had been the number-one destination for Nepalese students since the launch of the ‘tier-four package’ in April this year.

Sadly, however, the UK Visa Centre has introduced a new provision for applicants outside UK. Under the new regulation, students now have to maintain their personal or parental or legal guardians’ bank account for a minimum of 28 days prior to making their visa application.

Earlier, bank accounts made a day before the filing of application was acceptable.

Talking to The Himalayan Times today, Bishnu Bhattarai, one of the students vying for a UK degree and who had applied for a UK study visa, said that the new provision of bank statement has delayed his visa application process.

“I had long back prepared all the required documents, including the bank statement for student visa but now have to make another new one again,” he said, lamenting, “Now I will have to wait for a month to apply, and it may take several more months to land in the UK.”

Rubina Khadka, another UK enthusiast wanting to study in the world-class college said, “Had I not been delayed by the new process, I would have flown to the UK in less than a month from now. But now, I don’t have any option but to wait and re-apply.”

When contacted, Nepali

students in the UK said they had to re-apply in order to change their college. Also, the attendance has been made more stringent

as students are required to

show up in the classroom more than ever before.

Rajendra Baral, general secretary, Educational Consultants Association of Nepal, said the provision of new bank balance of 28 days long was the decision of the UK’s parliament.

“This is UK parliament’s decision. Therefore, it is meaningless to grumble over it,” he added.