AG submits annual report

KATHMANDU: Attorney General Raghav Lal Vaidya on Monday submitted the annual report of his office for the fiscal year 2007/08 to President Dr Ram Baran Yadav, urging him to promulgate separate Acts to make the justice system more effective.

Vaidya suggested promulgating an Act related to the AG and the government attorneys, as the lack of the Act has been hampering effective justice system in the country.

Along with Vaidya, Deputy Attorney Generals Pushpa Raj Koirala, Tika Bahadur Hamal, Surya Koirala and Kumar Chudal attended the ceremony. Though Vaidya has been on leave after Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal tendered his resignation, he attended the ceremony.

Saying that the role of Office of Attorney General is vital to maintain rule of law, transparency and follow democratic norms, the government's legal advisors urged the government to strengthen the OAG. The AG and the government attorneys have not been able to provide effective services because of the lack of separate Act, the report stated.

The OAG advised the government to promulgate unified criminal procedure codes, Witness Protection Act and Victims Assistance Act to make the justice system more effective.

The report also stated that there was a need to address the situation of duplication of several Acts in the same offence, amend the present Act as per the Government Case Act and bring reforms in Transportation Act. It also called upon the government to look into the the lack of sufficient time limitation to move court on rape case and several other offences related with the government cases and cyber crime.

It also requested the government to increase facilities at the OAG and ensure institutional development and facilities, including allowance for additional works for the officials and employees at the OAG.

The report also stated that sufficient number of government cases were decided in several courts. According to the figures, 24.74 per cent cases handled by the OAG, 66.27 per cent handed by Appellate Government Attorneys and 44.41 per cent handled by District Government Attorneys were decided during the period.