Alleged rape victim shockingly changes statement

KATHMANDU: Victim of the alleged Durbarmarg rape case has turned up after being out of contact for days and has shockingly changed her previous statement, according to which she was raped by her boyfriend and his three friends.

However, according to police, the victim has now taken a dramatic turn from her prior accusation and made a statement afore the investigation committee that she and her partner had in fact established a consensual physical relation and there was no coercion as such.

The police officers stationed at the Durbarmarg Police Station are currently under investigation for trying to 'settle' the rape case.

Previously, the police couldn't proceed with their investigation due to the alleged victim going out of contact.

However, there remains a strong possibility of the complainant coming under some sort of pressure to change her earlier statement.

The role of policemen involved in the case, who upon the complaint were reluctant to take action and rather engaged in settling the matter also leaves room for such possibility.