Alleged rape victim’s medical report out, says police

KATHMANDU: According to the police, medical report of the 22-year-old woman, who was allegedly gang-raped at a Durbar Marg-based hotel on January 21, shows no clear evidence of a coerced physical relation.

A police source said, “The report says there is no clear evidence of gang rape."

"It also showed that the private part of woman appeared to be active before the alleged gang rape."

However, on being questioned about sufficiency of such report for dismissing allegations of rape, or if it was even appropriate to say there was no rape because of the victim's 'active parts' prior to the incident, the source then said that a medical report is not regarded as the final evidence in a rape case.

"There could be many other supporting evidence that could support the victim’s claim,” it was said in response to a question about if it would it be appropriate on the police's part to conclude that there was no forced sexual contact based on the report.