ANNFSU condemns cabinet’s nod

KATHMANDU: All Nepal National Free Student Union (ANNFSU) has condemned the government's decision to sack Chief of Army Staff Rookmangud Katawal and appoint his deputy General Kul Bahadur Khadka as the Acting CoAS of the Nepali Army.

The student wing of the CPN-UML said the decision was the Maoist's move to impose autocratic regime in the country. It also stressed on the necessity to forge a consensus among the political parties to resolve the issue.

Issuing a press release here on Sunday, the ANNFSU appealed to all students to protest the Unified Maoist's attempt to impose fascist regime in the country.

"Such action will only demoralise and dishearten the Nepali Army," the ANNFSU said, adding that it would launch strong protest

against the government if the decision is not corrected on time.

Meanwhile, the cadres of UML-aligned Youth Force and NC-affiliated Nepal Tarun Dal today organised joint protest programme at Suryabinayak Chowk along the Araniko Highway in Bhaktapur district to protest the government's decision to pension off Katawal. The traffic was disrupted because of the demonstration.

The Bhaktapur Police had deployed a large number of security forces to tackle possible untoward incidents.