KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu District Court today sent Yunus Ansari to jail in order to proceed with a case filed against him. Ansari was arrested on January 3 in a crackdown on counterfeit Indian currency and had been facing the charge in detention since then.
Judge Lekhnath Ghimire took the decision following the completion of the hearing concluded today on whether or not to grant him bail. The bench said that there was no ground to release him on bail as per No 118(2) of the Court Procedure Chapter of Muluki Ain, 1963.
The police had recovered fake Indian currency notes having a face value of Rs 25,44,500. While interrogating Ansari's driver Kashi Ram Adhikari, it came to light that Ansari has a hand in the offense.
Ansari is not only the national chairman of Rastriya Janata Dal, but also the president of National Wrestling Association. As a chairman of National Television, which has recently gone on air, he has invested millions of rupees in the media business.