Anti-smoking rally organised

Kathmandu, June 17:

The National Public Health Care Organisation organised a rally and a street drama to raise awareness against smoking today, considering Nepal’s present condition in which 15,000 people die annually due to tobacco.

More than 500 people, together with students, parents, health workers, journalists took part in the procession, which started from Jawalakhel and circled the Bungmati area. After the procession, actors Govinda Khulal and Kumar Baraili presented a drama portraying the health hazards of smoke and tobacco.

Addressing the mass after the procession, Rishi Prasad Lamichhane, chief of District Health Office, Lalitpur highlighted the possible hazards of smoking, including cancer and other lung diseases. He stressed on the need of more such campaigns that could alert people on the hazards of smoking, and persuade them to get away from such bad conduct or quit it.