Appointment of 12,000 teachers soon

Kathmandu, October 11:

The government is engaged in a discussion to pave the way for the appointment of 12,000 teachers as outlined by the national education policy and programme.

According to Mahashram Sharma, director at the Department of Education, a decision to this effect will be taken before Dashain. “A discussion is underway,” he said, adding, “We will draw up the framework for allocating funds to the schools.”

He said institutional schools will be given top priority while allotting the funds. But 12,000 teachers will not be enough because community schools alone require 62,000 teachers. “At most, we will be able to allocate funds for three teachers for a lower secondary and a secondary school,” he said.

The government has pledged to appoint 8,000 teachers in the primary level, 2,500 teachers in the lower secondary level and 1,500 teachers in the secondary level.

It has also come up with Per Child Fund (PCF) scheme for primary-level education. This scheme proposes the number of teacher in proportion to the number of children. According to the scheme, a teacher will look after 40 students in the mountainous region, 45 students in the hilly region and 50 students in the Tarai. “The decision on the PCF scheme will be taken after some rounds of discussion as it is not always possible to find the required number of students in all the regions,” Sharma said.