AHRC urges govt to save Dr Govinda KC’s life

Kathmandu, July 11

The Asian Human Rights Commission today said it was concerned about the deteriorating health of Dr Govinda KC, who has been on an indefinite hunger strike in Jumla district since June 30.

Dr KC, a senior orthopaedic surgeon, is seeking reforms in the country’s medical education sector. In particular, he is demanding enactment of a National Medical Education Act and other reforms based on agreements reached between him and the government earlier.

After his health deteriorated, Dr KC has been receiving treatment in the special ward of Karnali Academy of Health Sciences in Jumla. According to doctors attending him, his blood glucose level is gradually decreasing and he is having muscle cramps, nausea and a low white blood cells count. He also has very low magnesium in his blood, which is dangerous as low magnesium could cause the heart to stop.

Dr KC has become weak and is unable to speak. He had also refused the service of doctors sent by the government from Kathmandu.

Dr KC has been demanding that new medical colleges should not be established in Kathmandu valley for the next 10 years and that a single university should be allowed to give affiliation to more than five medical colleges, as recommended by the Kedar Bhakta Mathema-led commission. The panel also suggested requiring medical colleges to have a hospital operational for at least three years prior to running medical courses. “The government must act quickly in order to save the life of Dr Govinda KC, a lone crusader fighting against Nepal’s medical mafia to reform the country’s medical sector. It must particularly be noted that Dr KC is not carrying any political agenda, but only fighting for the well-being of ordinary citizens,” a press release issued by the Hong Kong-based AHRC said.

“The AHRC urges the Government of Nepal to save Dr Govinda KC’s life immediately. The government must bring about the National Medical Education Act in line with the Mathema panel and adhere to past agreements made with the Dr KC at the earliest for the benefit of the ordinary citizens of Nepal,” it added.