Aspiration pneumonia, septic shock, multi-organ dysfunction on Shashanka Koirala: Om Hospital

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress General Secretary Shashanka Koirala suffered from aspiration pneumonia that led to septic shock and multi-organ dysfunction, the Om Hospital said. His condition remains critical and he is currently on advanced life support.

The 58-year-old medical doctor-turned politician was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Chabahil-based hospital in a critical state after he suffered from a bout of vomiting, abdominal discomfort and breathing problems on Tuesday night. It has been reported that he was taken ill after eating pizza yesterday night.

In a health update this afternoon, the hospital said that laboratory report has shown derangement in liver and renal function, suggesting that his liver and kidneys are not functioning up to the mark.

Chest X-ray showed pneumothorax -- a condition in which pleural cavity is  abnormally filled with air leading to the lung collapse -- and chest tube has already been inserted to treat the condition, the hospital added.

Koirala now has bilateral chest infection, meaning both his lungs are infected. Doctors involved in the treatment believed that fluid and food particles entered Koirala's respiratory tract and made it to the lungs when he vomited, causing aspiration pneumonia.

"Provisional diagnosis after medical board review: Aspiration pneumonia leading to septic shock and multi organ dysfunction At present his condition with advanced life support," the statement added.

His heart rate is regular (80/min), blood pressure 100/50 and oxygen saturation in blood 95% at present, according to the hospital.