At least three bomb hoaxes exposed

KATHMANDU: A joint team deployed from Nepal Police and Nepal Army has seized suspicious objects in Lalitpur and Kathmandu on Sunday.

Police said that they found suspicious objects from Suzuki Mode and Talchhikhel of Lalitpur and from Ravibhawan and Thankot-based Tribhuwan Park of Kathmandu. However, in their investigation, they found out that the reports were just bomb hoaxes.

In Suzuki Mode, a box covered in a red cloth was found, but instead of a bomb, the bomb disposal team found a CPN Maoist’s pamphlet and an empty 10-litre gallon inside the box. Likewise, from Ravibhawan, a pink coloured bag marked ‘Danger’ was found, filled with brick and mud.

Meanwhile, an unidentified object wrapped in a red cloth found from Tribhuwan Park contained plastic and paper, instead of explosives.