‘Attempts being made to derail transitional justice process’

Kathmandu, November 18

Human rights activists today issued an appeal, saying the perpetrators of human rights violation who succeeded in capturing the state power had been stalling the transitional justice process.

They said the core task of the new human rights movement was to ensure punishment for the perpetrators of human rights violation and justice for the victims of human rights violation by establishing truth.

Rights activists said some human rights activists were conspiring to give amnesty to those who could be guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious crimes and they were also trying to influence witnesses and render evidences ineffective. They said that a new strategy was being used to persuade, threaten and confuse the victims.

“It seems that a policy is being formulated to settle transitional justice issues by offering monetary assistance to victims, which is a give and take policy used during the army integration process. If some human rights activists who are trying to derail transitional justice issues succeed in their efforts, then that could abort the pursuit of justice. Therefore, we want to make it clear that we are not part of the conspiracy being hatched against the conflict victims,” the rights activists said.

They claimed that Nur Prasad Adhikari was being falsely implicated in an attempt to murder case. The rights activists  also drew the attention of the Parliament, the National Human Rights Commission, UN Security Council, Office of the OHCCR and other national and international agencies to ensure  that people guilty  of serious human rights violation were punished and justice was delivered to the victims. They have also demanded that universal jurisdiction be applied to the perpetrators of human rights.

Twenty-one persons, including lawyers   Om Prakash Aryal, Dinesh Tripathi and Baburam Giri, and human rights activists   Kapil Shrestha, Charan Prasai and  Kedar Narsingh KC have signed the appeal.