We had unexpected holidays these last few days due to the destructive earthquake faced by our country Nepal on April 25. The government had declared that all schools will remain closed till May 14 in quake-affected areas. So, we were mentally ready to go back to our regular school routine on May 15. But the holidays were extended till May 30 after another big aftershock on May 12. These aftershocks forced us to stay at home with our family, restless and with fear every time a tremor occurred. It was really boring to pass days waiting for the school to reopen. All the people of Nepal were scared and half of the people, who were staying in Kathmandu Valley, left Capital after the quake. People were scared seeing the condition around them. But my family did not go out of the Valley. Recently our school had called up students of higher levels to prepare for the upcoming days and motivate them accordingly. We were very excited to meet our friends. We received motivational lectures and presentations from our teachers. They shared their views on earthquake and pre- and post-activities to be carried out with relation to an earthquake. We even danced to the tune of energetic songs, which gave us extra energy and helped us to learn life skill techniques through it. The videos shown also motivated us to be bold and strong. We were happy to see all teachers and other staff guiding us to be prepared for any calamity and to be the guides for junior students. We are sad that from now onwards we will not be able to sit in our old classrooms because they were damaged and the old building will be demolished soon. But we are happy that we will have our regular classes managed by our school. We were engaged in art and craft to decorate our school premises to make our school ready for the reopening. We were happy to play and be with our friends after a long time in those life skill learning classes.