Bagmati Province lawmaker lodges complaint against Health Min at CIAA

KATHMANDU: Bagmati Province Lawmaker Ramesh Paudyal (Bibeksheel Nepali Dal) lodged a case against Health Minister Bhanubhakta Dhakal at the Commission of Investigation for Abuse against Authority (CIAA), today.

The Bibeksheel Nepali Dal leader has asked the commission to look into a possible misappropriation of funds by the Ministry of Health and Population whole procuring medical equipments. The materials have been purchased in rates four times higher than the going market rates.

Some of those equipments, the Covid-19 test kit to be precise, have been rendered useless since they do not meet the WHO standards.

Furthermore, Health Minister Dhakal's involvement in the said irregularities has been sought.

"We want to stand with the government and will support the strategies and programmes implemented to face the global crisis that Covid-19 spread is. However, we will not accept corruption that's happening in broad daylight in the name of urgency," Paudel shared with THT Online, adding, "Our party has taken lack of accountability exhibited by the Health Minister very seriously."

"Minister Dhakal has said, and very irresponsibly, that he doesn't deem it necessary to respond to allegations regarding irregularities in purchase of medical supplies."

Paudel further says the incompetence shown by the health minister proves that he is incapable of leading the ministry at a time of such crisis.