Bala Chaturdashi observed

Kathmandu, November 17

Tens of thousands of Hindu devotees from across the country congregated at Pashupatinath temple to pay homage to their near and dear ones, who died over the last one year, on the occasion of Bala Chaturdashi today.

The day is also called Satbij chharne din. Bereaved people observed penance last night, lighting oil lamps and keeping themselves awake, praying for the departed souls to rest in heaven. They also sang and danced to hymns in memory of the departed souls.

In the wee hours today, devotees, young and elderly alike, strolled along the Slesmantak Forest close to the Pashupatinath temple, scattering Satbij (seven varieties of holy grains, fruits and coins). Legends have it that every single grain scattered is as valuable as its weight in gold. The PADT had made special arrangements for the devotees.

According PADT officials, an estimated of 250,000 pilgrims visited the holy site.