Bandits in police uniform rob houses

KATHMANDU: Thieves in the capital have adopted a unique modus operandi to rob

people at night.

According to the Metropolitan Police Crime Division, nightly robbery is now on the rise and is often perpetrated by gangs disguised as policemen.

“Posing themselves as policemen, they come to your house at night, ring the doorbell and tell the landlord that they are here for checking or raid,” according to MPCD.

No sooner the landlord allows them the entry; the swindlers take the family members under control at gun-point and make away with cash and properties. Before fleeing the scene, they dare the victim families to inform the police.

Following a recent incident, the MPCD has issued a public alert, appealing to the general public not to let the suspects in until they identify themselves.

Due to the death threat issued by the bandits, many cases of robberies are going unreported, MPCD said.

In another instance, bandits have been poisoning the guard dogs before raiding the houses of well-off family and businessmen.

The police have cautioned the public to ensure the cause of the death of their pet dog, if any and report to authority.

In yet another modus operandi, according to the MPCD, the criminals have been making their entry in the pretext of an urgent meeting with the landlords posing themselves as close to someone familiar with the landlords and make away with cash and valuables.