Bar Council elections to be held tomorrow

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, February 24:

Though a sort of confusion was created yesterday after the Supreme Court (SC) ordered the Nepal Bar Council to publish a fresh list of voters, the council today vowed to hold elections for the councillors’ posts in all the five development regions at any cost.

In a rush, the council published a new list of the voters today and said the elections would be held on Saturday as scheduled earlier.

“A confusion was created after yesterday’s apex court order, but we have decided to hold the elections on Saturday at any cost,” council’s secretary Laxman Ghimire said.

Advocates Dr Rajit Bhakta Pradhananga, Mukti Pradhan and Raj Kumar Thapa are contesting for the councillor’s post in the central region.

The Bar Council is the body, which is responsible for formulating various policies on legal practices.

Dr Pradhananga, also an Associate Professor at Nepal Law Campus, has made changes in the syllabi of law courses and the council’s examination system as his poll agenda.

He said that if he was elected to the post, he would run the council through intellectuals rather than professional advocates to make the judiciary more dynamic.

The other two candidates — Pradhan and Thapa — too have their separate agenda.

All three candidates have said that they will fight for making legal practices withstand with time and control irregularities in the judicial sector, if they won the elections.