BBC scribe expelled from Everest base camp

Kathmandu, April 30:

BBC correspondent Char-les Haviland, was expelled from Everest Base Camp on April 28. Haviland and his assistant producer Ishwore Rauniyar had gone to the Base Camp to cover stories for TV, radio and online media. Now, they are in Namche and are on their way to Kathmandu.

“We went there to cover stories concerning mountaineering expedition in view of the restrictions posed as China prepares to take the Olympic torch up to the Everest. We were also there to cover non-political and discreet stories for TV, radio and online media,” Haviland told THT.

“We knew that there were restrictions on satellite phones and video cameras but some expedition teams were allowed to use them. When we arrived at the base camp, a policeman introduced us to Prabodh Dhakal, liaison officer in charge of the region and under secretary of Ministry of Tourism. He didn’t even allow us to move around. We had reached the place at 11 am and after few hours he asked us to return,” Haviland said.

However, Prem Kumar Rai, spokesperson for the ministry said nobody was prevented from reporting in the region.