Be ready for stir, Bhattarai tells students

Kathmandu, November 28:

Senior Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai today instructed student wing of the CPN (Maoist) All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union -Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) to be ready for a struggle.

Addressing a two-day College-Level National Cadres’ Gathering of the ANNISU-R at the hall of Khanna Garment in Balkumari, Dr Bhattarai said, “After some months, reactionary forces will shy away from Constituent Assembly polls and try to foil the polls. “We may have to revolt to ensure that the CA polls take place,” he said, adding, “The students should make sure that the polls are held.”

He said his party will accept the proposal that is “a step ahead of the parliamentary system”.“Earlier, we appealed to the students to burn the old education system and join the war. So did students and, that is why, we achieved success very soon. Now the form of our movement has changed,” he said. Dr Bhattarai praised the role played by students in “bringing the party to this stage.”

“If students had not supported us, we could not have reached here so fast,” he said. Bhattarai spent most of his time praising the contribution of students and the Prachandapath.

He explained to the students about the stance taken by his party, claiming it was the accurate analysis of Marxism through Prachandapath. “Analysing the geopolitical state, we have been experimenting with politics on the basis of Marxism,” he said, adding that no revolution can sustain if it fails to act tactfully in the unipolar imperialist world. He said that the party is experimenting with Marxism of the 21st century. “We are utilising four tactics, including peace talks, diplomatic efforts, people’s movement besides people’s war to achieve our goals,” he said.

ANNISU-R president Lekhnath Neupane, former ANNISU-R president Prof Bharat Pokhrel and secretariat member of the party Barsha Man Pun alias Ananta had trained 250 students of all colleges across the nation.